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Thursday, April 8, 2010

World Champion Smyslov Chess Tactics !
How Should White Proceed In This Position ?
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  1. How can I attribute for solving this position.
    Could I post the solution on-line

  2. 1. Qb8 .. Qxh6
    2. Qxd8+ .. Bf8
    really here I think of something like
    3. Qb8 again
    and also the sacrifice on Qxf8 will win

  3. I have just figured out that if 3. Qb8.. black may reply Bxf3 4. gxf3 .. Qg6+ with some trivial complication. but if white can guard the f3 square first by a move like Re3.. any thing black reply will remain clear advantage for white

  4. can you please check this answer
    1. Qb8 .. Qxh6
    2. Qxd8+ .. Bf8
    3. Qxf8+ .. Qxf8
    4. d8=Q

  5. Yes Dr.Amr are absolutely right...
    After :
    1.Qb8 Qxh6
    2.Qxd8+ Bf8
    3.Qxf8+ Qxf8
    4.d8=(Q) Resignes
    As white is a piece up against a mere pawn and Black has no compensation !