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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Must Known Chess Endgame !

A Centurini Position is one where one of the two diagonals in front of the pawn is less than four squares in length.
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  1. White wins as follows:
    1)Bh4 Kb6
    2)Bf2+ Ka6
    3)Bc5 Bg3 (3... Kb5 loses to 4.Ba7 then Bb8)
    4)Be7! Kb5
    5)Bd8 Kc6
    6)Bh4 Bh2
    7)Bf2 Kb5
    8)Ba7 Ka6
    9)Bb8 Bg1
    10)Bg3 Ba7
    11)Bg1 wins for White