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Friday, May 18, 2012

Super Egyptian Chess GM\Bassem Samir Amin (2608 Elo) Wins Smouha First International Blitz Chess Tournament In Egypt

Egyptian chess super star GM\Bassem Amin (2608 Elo) -and currently the highest Egyptian rated chess player- convincingly won the first international blitz chess tournament in Egypt that took place at Smouha Club  in Alexandria on the fifth of April 2012. The tournament - a seven round Swiss event -attracted (70) chess players among them : 1 GM\Bassem Amin and 3 IMs : Mr.Khaled Abdel Razik (2415 Elo) , Mr.Abdul Hameed El Arousy (2327 Elo) and Mr.Aly Yasseen (2323 Elo) ,also FM\Abdelrahman Hesham (2283 Elo) ,WFM\Shrook Wafa (1891 Elo) and WFM\Shahenda Wafaa (1798 Elo) played in the tournament .The final ranking was as follows :
1.GM\Bassem Amin (2608 Elo) 2.Abdelrahman Hesham (2283 Elo) 3.Ahmed Sharaawy (2161 Elo) 4.IM\Khaled Abdel Razik (2415 Elo) 5.Ahmed Mousa (2256 Elo) 6.Mohamed Hamdy Abdou (2135 Elo) 7.Saiid A Naby (2339 Elo) 8.Ahmed Elzayady (2171 Elo) 9.Khaled Attea (2218 Elo) 10.Mahmoud Hamdy Darwish (2148 Elo) .The Tournament director was Mr.Moustafa Ibrahim and the chief arbiter was I.A\Mousa Gomaa and the arbiters were : Mr.Mohamed Saad ,Mr.Nasser Seddeek ,Mr.Hesham Elsenousy Mr.Mohamed Galal and Mr.Abd Elsalam Mohamed and I.A\Ahmed Yousef was responsible for the pairing
The appeals committee was headed by :I.A Mr\Yeheya Mosalem and Eng.Atef Morsi and Eng.Medhat Moheb were members .
Congratulations GM\Bassem Amin and all the winners !
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

IM\Khaled Abdel Razik Is The Winner Of Smouha First Rapid Chess International Tournament

IM\Khaled Abdel Razik (2415 Elo) won the first international rapid chess tournament that took place in Egypt at SCCA VIP Hall inside Smouha Club in the beautiful city of Alexandria from 2/4/2012  and lasted for three days The tournament attracted 59 players from all around Egypt among them 3 IMs : Mr\Khaled Abdel Razik ,Mr\Abdul Hameed El Arousy (2327 Elo) and Mr\Aly Yasseen (2323 Elo) and FM\Abdelrahman Hesham (2283 Elo) also WFM\Shrook Wafa (1891 Elo) and her sister WFM\Shahenda Wafa (1798 Elo) participated in the event .The Lybian chess player Mr\ Mohamed Aborezika -now 2126 Elo-also participated in the event .
The winners were : First Place : IM\Khaled Abdel Razik (2415 Elo) who scored 6 points ,Mr.Saiid A Naby (2339 Elo) came second -by tiebreaks- with 5.5 points followed by Mr.Ahmed Mousa (2256 Elo) with 5.5 points in third place while IM\Aly Yasseen came fourth with 5.5 points and in fifth place FM\Abdelrahman Hesham (2283 Elo) who scored also 5.5 points .
The tournament was a 7 round rapid (20 min + 10 sec) event .The Appeal's Committee was headed by I.A\Yehya Mosalem and with Eng.Medhat Moheb and Eng.Atef Morsi members .The tournament director was Eng.Mohammed Fawzy , the Chief Arbiter was I.A\Mosa Gomaa and the arbiters were : Mr.Mohamed Saad ,Mr.Nasser Sedik ,Mr.Hesham Elsenousy , Mr.Galal Mohamed ,Mr.Abd ELsalam Mohamed and I.A Eng.Hassan Khaled was responsible for the pairing .
Congratulations to all winners !
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