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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beat The Scandinavian Defense (Marshall Gambit) :IM\Aly Yasseen Annotates His Best Game Ever In The Olympiad

On the first of September 1996 Egypt faced Portugal at Yerevan , Armenia in the 32nd chess Olympiad .On board (4) IM\Aly Yasseen (2350) faced FM\Ribeiro Fernando (2285) -who will become Portugal Champion in 1997- IM\Yasseen with the white pieces played;what he considered his best game ever .The game was a Scandinavian Defense (Marshall Gambit)... as black went for 3...Bg4!?, the sharp Portuguese Variation or Jadoul Variation .In this line, Black gives up the d-pawn in order to achieve rapid development and piece activity; the resulting play is often similar to the Icelandic Gambit.IM\Aly Yasseen annotates his best game ever:

I wanted to go for :8.d5 but wanted to secure my king as soon as possible.
Now after 8.Nc3 if black goes for 8...c6 9.d5! and white is slightly better.
Possible was 10.g4!?,also instead of 13.b4 I could have played 13.Kh1 that was a safer move but who said that I seek safety now !?!
Instead of 13... Bxb4 I think Black should opt for 13... Bxd4+ 14.Qxd4 Qxb4 15.Na4!? when after a while the weakness on a7 should tell.
After 17.Ba3 Black would pay the price... I believe that Black should have accepted the exchange.
If 20... Bxa3? 21.Bxd7 and Black's game collapses.
Before I play 25.d6 I glimpsed strong men and women grandmasters kibitzing behind me
and whispering I was a little bit distracted here that I believe I actually missed a forced win in 5 moves starting by 24.Bc6 !!(if Black plays 24... Nc5 25.Qxc5 Rxe7 26.Rxb7 or If 24... Rxe7 then 25.Rxb7 Kxb7 26.Qb4+)and its mate in 2 moves .
If Black goes for 26... Nxc4 then 27.Qb4 is the winning move.

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