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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Late Alexandrian Genius IM\Essam Aly Ahmed Masterpiece !

How Should Black Proceed In This Position ?
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The source of the photo:Egyptian Chess Players's Photos - Essam Aly Ahmed!/photo.php?pid=913476&id=19081281845


  1. 1. Rxe6 .. Qg2
    2. Qf6 ... Qd2 .. equal

    if 2. ... Rxc6 or Rxe3 black wins

  2. Black wins as follows :
    1)... Rxc6 and now if :
    2)Qxc6 Rxe1+ wins for Black
    here IM\Essam went for 2)... Qe6 and white resigned
    but stronger was :
    2)... Rxc1
    3)Rxc1 Re8
    4)R any on the first rank then Black finishes with 4)... Ne3 wins for Black