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Thursday, April 1, 2010

WGM\Mona Khaled and IM\Kareem Wageih visited SCCA Accompanied by The Great Trainer And International Lecturer Engineer\Hassan Khaled (16\1\2010)

The event took place in 16\1\2010 and started by a very instructive lecture given by the great trainer and international lecturer engineer\Hassan Khaled followed by the simultaneous exhbition conducted by 2 young Egyptian talents :WGM\Mona Khaled (the first and youngest female grandmaster who is also the Arab and African champion) and IM\Kareem Wageih (African champion U20 for 3 times)who made a hilarious successive simultaneous against the best 20 players in the academy ;at that time the students of the academy were much stronger and the result was +17=3-0 (three players achieved a draw :Moustafa Tarek (15 years old),Abd Elrahman Yasser Allam (9 years old)-the future national champion U-10 years and Ahmed Sameh(11 years old) who played a magnificent game ;and even rejected a draw offer –in one stage of the game -from the grandmasters ! The event was followed and covered for the first time by satellite channels (Otv) and covered by well known Egyptian Newspaper.

Special Guests of honor were :Madame\Gihan Elsahar -member of board of the Egyptian Chess Federation and WGM 's\Mona Khaled mother and Dr.Essam Hamouda - member of board of the Egyptian Chess Federation-

The Link for all the photos is here:


  1. Receipt of your thoughts and you very much for your interest in chess game and let us know a lot of your information and Anchar game in a simple and making it clear God bless you in your knowledge and your business
    Thank you very much
    Prof. Mohamed Saad

  2. Dear Professor Mohamed,
    I want to thank you very much for your kind comments , your support and encouragement !
    I really appreciate what you have done a lot !
    God bless you !

    My best regards and respect