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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Legendary's World Chess Champion GM\Anatoly Karpov Visit To Egypt

The legendary 12th world chess champion GM\Anatoly Karpov visited Egypt on 23rd of December 2009 to represent the Russian industry in the Russian Industrial Exhibition.The world champion gave a simultaneous display against 16 young Egyptian talents among them were :Yomna Khaled and Omar Khaled (from SCCA) who played fine games.The final score was +15=1-0 in favor of the World Champion ;only FM\Andrew Wagdy and Miss\ Fayrouza Mohamed members of the Egyptian national team scored a draw.The match took place in Helioplis Club under the auspice of Mr.Hussein Nafady Chairman of the Egyptian Chess Federation who signed a protocol by the first letters with the world champion to name 2 chess schools after GM\Karpov -one in Alexandria and the other in Cairo-
The link for all the photos is:

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