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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Chess Genius GM\Gata Kamsky Masterpiece !

Gata Kamsky was born June 2nd, 1974 in Siberia. After beginning his chess career in Russia, winning two USSR Junior Championships, Kamsky relocated to the United States in 1989. In July 1990 he became the youngest player ever to be rated in FIDE's world top ten. After a short while spent adjusting to this level of opposition, Kamsky scored some major tournament triumphs, including the U.S. Championship of 1991, clear first at Las Palmas 1994, and shared first in 1995 at Dos Hermanas. In 2010 he won the U.S. Championship once again...(
In the above diagram GM\Gata Kamsky finished the game in 7 moves ...Could you figure it out ?
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Chess Expert And Coach Mr.\Mohamed Amer Visited SCCA

On Sunday 2\5\2010 Chess expert and Ajman Club trainer and fide referee Mr.Mohamed Amer (now resident in United Arab Emirates)-who was my coach when I was playing for El Ettihad Club when I was a youngster !-visited SCCA and gave a very instructive chess lecture based mainly on one of his best games ;the lecture was for SCCA advanced chess players,all the attendances enjoyed the lecture a lot.
On behalf of myself and all SCCA staff we express our recognition and appreciation to Mr.Mohamed Amer and wishing him the best always.
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Mr.Mohamed Amer FaceBook page:!/profile.php?id=556004835&v=wall

GM\Gata Kamsky Deservedly Won U.S. Chess Championship At The Chess Club And Scholastic Center In St. Louis.

In May 2010, Kamsky participated in the 2010 U.S. Championship, where he was seeded second behind defending champion Hikaru Nakamura. He scored 5/7 to qualify for the round-robin stage against Nakamura, 2006 champion Alexander Onischuk, and 2008 champion Yuri Shulman. In the round-robin stage, he drew Nakamura with black and then defeated Onischuk on the White side of the Ruy Lopez. He became U.S. Champion on May 25, 2010, after winning a rapid playoff game with second place finisher Yury Shulman. This championship, Kamsky's second, came 19 years after he won his first U.S. championship.Kamsky won the title and the $30,000 first prize.

Gata Kamsky (Tatar: Ğata Kamskiy, Ğataulla Rөstəm uğlı Sabirov; Гата Камский, Гатаулла Рөстәм улы Сабиров; Russian: Гатаулла Рустемович Сабиров, Гата Камский) (born June 2, 1974) is a Soviet-born American chess grandmaster, and the current United States Chess Champion.

Kamsky was a prodigy who reached the final of the FIDE World Chess Championship 1996 at the age of 22, and reached a ranking of fourth in the world rankings in 1996. He played almost no FIDE-rated games between 1997 and late 2004.

Kamsky won the Chess World Cup 2007. This earned him a match against Veselin Topalov for the right to challenge for the World Chess Championship 2010, which he lost. Kamsky will also play in the Candidates Tournament to determine the challenger for the World Chess Championship 2012.....


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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Huge Success For Alexandria Youth Chess Tournament 2010

Alexandria Youth Chess Tournament took place at El Ettihad club from 6-16 March 2010.The tournament was a huge success where 55 players (33 boys and 22 girls).The winners were:
U-10 Years Girls:
1)Heba Hassan El Wazan
1)Sara Adel Ibrahim (equally first)
3)Maha Sameh Ibrahim

U-14 Years Girls:
1)Aya Motazz
2)Yomna Khaled
3)Merna Nabil

U-16 Years Girls:
1)Alaa Motazz

2)Doha Shabaan

3)Khadiga Youssef

U-10 Years Boys:
1)Omar Alaa Abd El Kader
2)Aly Medhat
3)Mouhab Yasser Allaam

U-12 Years Boys:
1)Omar Mohamed
2)Ahmed Sameh
3)Andrew Halim

U-14 Years Boys:
1)Yasser Mohamed Ibrahim

2)Ahmed Mohey Eldin

3)Fady Nabil

U-16 Years Boys:
1)Hussein Mohamed
2)Moustafa Saad
3)George Mourad
Special prizes were given to :Amira Moustafa Raslan and Hadeer Naser Mohamed
and the youngest player :Mohamed Tamer Mohamed
Tournament Director:Eng.Medhat Moheb ;the arbiters First class:Mr.Mohamed Saad and Mr.Naser Sedik and the pairing by International arbiter Mr.Ahmed Youssef.
Congratulations to all !
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

GM\Shakhriyar Mamedyarov Masterpiece (The Power Of Tactics !)

Shakhriyar Hamid oglu Mammadyarov (Azerbaijani: Şəhriyar Məmmədyarov) (born 12 April 1985 in Sumgayit, Azerbaijan) is a chess Grandmaster. On the May 2010 FIDE rating list he was ranked number six in the world with an Elo rating of 2763.In 2003 he won the World Junior Chess Championship. He repeated his victory in 2005 (thus becoming the only two-time champion), achieving an incredible 2953 performance rating after eight rounds.In 2005 Mamedyarov competed at European Club Cup and had the second highest performance rating (2913) among all of the participants (Vassily Ivanchuk had the highest).IM Goran Antunac has commented that Mamedyarov is a true virtuoso at handling the pieces, always finding the best squares for them.Mamedyarov attained joint first place in Aeroflot Open in Moscow in February 2006, with a score of 6.5/9.He also become best individual player at the World Team Chess Championships 2009.In 2010 he tied for 1st-3rd with Vladimir Kramnik and Gata Kamsky in the President's Cup in Baku.Shakhriyar has two sisters, Zeinab Mamedyarova and Turkan Mamedyarova, who are also Woman Grandmasters ...(
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

El Ettihad Club Hosted Alexandria Rated Tournament 2010

Under the auspice of Mr\Mohamed Meselhy -chairman of El Ettihad Club and member of the senate-and under the supervision of the Egyptian Chess Federation (Alexandria Region) El Ettihhad Club hosted the annual Alexandria Rated Chess Tournament from 16-24 March.The tournament was a swiss event of 9 rounds .The tournament attracted 95 players among them many were considered Alexandrian best chess players.WIM\Yousra Alaa was the only titled player in the tournament.The winner was NM\Khaled Atteya (2167) by 7.5 points ahead -by Tie-Break-the second prize winner NM\Ahmed Moussa (2233) and NM\Ahmed Abd Elaziz (2131) by 7 points ;from 4th to 10th came NMs\Saiid Abd EL Naby (2300),Moustafa Ruslan (2155),Nagy Mekki (2242),Ahmed El Atar (2128),Hosam Hassan (2018),Amro Samy (2112) and finally Ehab Abd Elaziz (2156).Also special prizes were given to Mr.Kerlus Fekry (First unrated player with 6.5 points) and Mr.Esam Khatab (first over 50 years) ;and a special prize was awarded for Mr.\ Mohamed Ibrahim for his sportive Spirit and also a special prize for Mr.Mohamed Fawzy (The Challenge Prize)
The tournament was directed by Eng.Medhat Moheb .Special thanks for members of Alexandria Chess region:Eng.Atef Moursy (vice president) ,Mr.Ahmed Moukhtar and Mr.Abd Elhamid Beshara and Miss\Ragaa Mohamed (the executive director) and specials thanks also for the arbiters for their great effort :Mr.Moussa Gomaa -Chief Arbiter-and international referee Mr.Kamal Tadros ,First class arbiters Mr.Mohamed Saad ,Mr.Naser Sedik and Mr.Abd ElSalam Elkhouly.The pairing was handled by international arbiter Mr.Ahmed Youssef and Mr.Mohamed Farouk.I want to thank a lot Mr.Gaser Mouneer -General Manager of El Ettihad Club-who attended the closing ceremony and awarded the winners .
I want to thank my friend Eng.Amr Madian ( supplied me with his nice photos.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Amazing Video By The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Author And The Source :UkuleleOrchestra (
The performers in The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain are: Dave Suich, Peter Brooke Turner, Hester Goodman, George Hinchliffe, Richie Williams, Kitty Lux, Will Grove-White and Jonty Bankes.
The Ukes perform Ennio Morricone's classic, from the DVD 'Anarchy in the Ukulele', available to buy from (

Friday, May 14, 2010

GM\Tatiana Kosintseva Deservedly Won The 2010 Women's Grand Prix In Nalchik !

Tatiana Kosintseva (Russian: Татьяна Косинцева) (born April 11, 1986 in Arkhangelsk) is a Russian chess player who has achieved the FIDE title of Grandmaster (October 2009). As of May 2010 her FIDE Elo rating is 2534, making her the seventh ranked female player in the world...(
GM\Tatiana Kosintseva dominated the event with a magnificent performance.
Congratulations GM\Tatiana !

A Well Known Chess Endgame !

The Black's Bishop is free as a bird but his Majesty is on the wrong corner of the board -the same color as the Bishop that cannot defend from g8.How should White proceed in this position ?
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GM\Anand Retains The Title Of The World Chess Champion And Wins The Prize Fund Of 1.2 Million Euros (The Final Score is 6.5:5.5)

GM\Anand successfully and deservedly retained his title after beating GM\Topalov with the black pieces.GM\Anand surprised his opponent by adopting the solid Queen's Gambit Defense -Lasker Variation-GM\Anand equalized easily after the 7... Ne4 move .GM\Topalov made 2 crucial mistakes in the middle-game 31.exf5 ? and 32.fxe4 ? which resulted in open lines and diagonal against the white king.GM\Anand obtained a decisive attack and went on to win to retain the title he won four times in different formats Knockout, Tournament, and Match (2000,2007,2008 and 2010)
GM\Anand wins 1.2 million Euro while GM\Topalov wins 800 000 Euro.
GM\Anand's team of seconds are :GMs\Ganguly, Nielsen, Kasimdzhanov and Wojtaszek.
GM\Topalov's team of seconds are :GMs\Cheparinov, L'Ami, Smeets and Dufek.
Congratulations to GM\Anand for successfully retaining his title.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GM\Andor Lilienthal Chess Masterpiece !

GM\Lilienthal was one of the few players with an even record against World Chess Champion GM\Capablanca. GM\Lilienthal's " celebrated victory" is his win against GM\Capablanca at Hastings 1934–35.The game was a Nimzo-Indian Defense: Saemisch Variation. Accelerated (E24)
The diagram on the right shows the position after GM\Capablanca's 19... Qxe4 ? white played 20.exf6! Qxc2 21.fxg7 Rg8 22.Nd4 Qe4 23.Rae1 Nc5 24.Rxe4+ Nxe4 25.Re1 Rxg7 26.Rxe4+ Kd7 (1–0) Seeing that 27.Re7+ Kd6 28.f6 and 29.Bg3+ wins, Capablanca resigned. This game is very famous. GM\Lilienthal relates, "wherever I went on an exhibition tour, both in the Soviet Union and elsewhere, chess players and fans always asked me to show them how I sacrificed the queen against the great Cuban. When World Chess Champion\ Bobby Fischer noticed GM\ Lilienthal in the audience at his 1992 return match against GM\Boris Spassky.GM\Fischer greeted him with the remark "Pawn e5 takes f6."
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Game 11:An English Opening For The First Time Ends In A 65 Moves Draw

The opening was very quiet as the 2 chess titans made a lot of maneuvering with their pieces looking for better squares.The endgame was very tense as GM\Anand pressed hard for a win but GM\Topalov held tenaciously as he counterattacked by his queen-side passsed pawn so a draw was inevitable.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Legendary Hungarian Grandmaster Andor Lilienthal Passes Away At The Age Of 99

Andor (André, Andre, Andrei) Arnoldovich Lilienthal (May 5, 1911 – May 8, was a Hungarian Chess Grandmaster. In his long career, he played against ten male and female world champions, beating Emanuel Lasker, José Raúl Capablanca, Alexander Alekhine, Max Euwe, Mikhail Botvinnik, Vasily Smyslov, and Vera Menchik In a 2005 article, Slobodan Adzic wrote that Lilienthal was still active, in good health, driving his car, and writing articles for chess magazines. At the time of his death, he was the oldest living grandmaster, and the last surviving person from the original group of grandmasters awarded the title by FIDE in 1950.....(
I would like to express my condolences to his family and his admirers and all the chess community .
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Game 10:GM\Anand Confidently Applies The Gruenfeld Defense To Draw

GM\Anand surprised GM\Topalov with the rare 10... b6!? to deviate from home preparation.
Surprisingly in the endgame it was GM\Topalov who had to seek the draw.
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Game 9:After 83 Moves Marathon In A Nimzo Indian Defense GM\Anand Misses An Easy Win

On move 21 GM\Topalov grabbed the White Queen for 2 Rooks .Both Grandmasters played the middle game actively.The endgame was tense but GM\Anand seemed to have an easy win until the critical move 62.Rc5+ ?? when GM\Anand could have won by the simple 62.Rdd7

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Game 8:GM\Topalov Strikes Back And Wins (The Score now 4:4)

The game was a Slav Defense where GM\Anand Played a new move 13... Rc8 and the game went into a different colored Bishop endgame where GM\Topalov pressed hard and made use of his opponents tiny mistakes but when GM\Anand played 42... Bc6 ? it was over.

Game 7:GM\Topalov draws confidently Against The Catalan Opening

Game 7 was a very hard fought Catalan-Bogo Indian hybrid-GM\Topalov played a nice game and it was clear that he was well prepared to face GM\Anand's Catalan.Before the start of the game the 2 grandmasters stood a moment of silence for the passing of ex Fide President\Florencio Campomanes-
The legendary world chess champion and Fide Presidential Candidate GM\Anatoly Karpov made the first ceremonial move .
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

At Last GM\Topalov Neutralized GM\Anand's Catalan !

Game 6 was a hard fought Catalan Opening where GM\Topalov deviated from games 2,4 and tried 5... a6 (E04) The Open Variation.GM\Anand made 13 consecutive moves by his Knights starting from move 22 !!
The game ended peacefully in a draw after 58 moves.The score now : 3.5:2.5 in favor of GM\Anand.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

WGM\Natalia Pogonina Chess Masterpiece !

Natalia Andreevna Pogonina (Russian: Наталья Андреевна Погонина) (born March 9, 1985 in Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai) is a Russian Chess Woman Grandmaster and member of the Russian chess Olympic team. Pogonina learned to play chess at the age of five, as her grandfather taught her the basics of the game. She has been studying chess since 1993.....(
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Game 5: In The World Chess Championship As Usual A Slav Defense Draw In 44 Moves

Another hard fought Slav but as usual ended peacefully.The great chess titans repeated the same opening as game 3 but GM\Topalov was unable to breakthrough GM\Anand's defenses so the players settled for a 44 moves draw.

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