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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mr.Silvio Danailov is the new President of the European Chess Union

Mr.Silvio Danailov ( born 21 April 1961 ;a Bulgarian IM and the manager of two former FIDE World Chess Champions,GM.Veselin Topalov and GM.Ruslan Ponomariov) is the new President of the European Chess Union! He won the election with 30 votes. Second is Mr. Ali Nihat Yazici, the President of the Turkish Chess Federation with 24 votes. 
Congratulations to Mr.Silvio Danialov ...I wish him and his team the best of luck and success .
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A Tribute To The Legendary Second Egyptian President Gamal Abd El Nasser (15 January 1918 – 28 September 1970)

Gamal Abdel Nasser (Arabic: جمال عبد الناصر‎; Gamāl ‘Abd an-Nāṣir; Egyptian Arabic: IPA: [ɡæˈmæːl ʕæbdenˈnɑːsˤer]; 15 January 1918 – 28 September 1970) was the second President of Egypt from 1956 until his death. Along with Mohammad Naguib, the first President, he led the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 which overthrew the monarchy of Egypt and Sudan, and heralded a new period of modernization, and socialist reform in Egypt together with a profound advancement of pan-Arab nationalism, including a short-lived union with Syria.Nasser is seen as one of the most important political figures in both modern Arab history, and Developing World politics in the 20th century. Under his leadership, Egypt nationalised the Suez Canal, and came to play a central role in anti-imperialist efforts in the Arab World, and Africa. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the international Non-Aligned Movement. He is well-known for his nationalist policies and version of pan-Arabism, also referred to as Nasserism, which won a great following in the Arab World during the 1950s and 1960s. Although his status as "leader of the Arabs" was severely tarnished by the Israeli victory over the Arab armies in the Six Day War, many in the general Arab populace still view Nasser as a symbol of Arab dignity and freedom...(

Monday, September 27, 2010

“Business? Mankind Was My Business. The Common Welfare Was My Business. Charity, Mercy, Forbearance And Benevolence Were All My Business..." The Legendary US President John Kennedy

“Business? Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business. Charity, mercy, forbearance and benevolence were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!  ..mankind is our business. And if  we work in harmony, if we understand the problems of each other and the responsibilities that each of us bears, then surely the business of mankind will prosper. And your children and mine will move ahead in a securer world, and one in which there is opportunity for them all.
..” The Legendary US President John Kennedy addressing the Florida Chamber Of Commerce ,November 18th,1963 
that was 4 days before his assassination. 
God bless your soul Mr.President..Rest in peace my friend...

التجارة ؟ الإنسانية هى تجارتى  رفاهية العامة هى تجارتى  الخير و الرحمة التسامح و الإحسان و النزعة الى الخير هى كل تجارتى . إن تعاملات متاجرتى ما كانت إلا كنقطة ماء فى محيط تجارتى ... الإنسانية هى تجارتنا...و إذا تعاملنا فى وئام و إذا تفهمنا المشاكل التى تواجه كل واحد منا و المسئوليات التى يتحملها كل واحد منا فمن المؤكد أن أعمال التجارة الخاصة بالإنسانية ستزدهر و أولادكم و أولادى سيمضون قدماً فى عالم أكثر أماناً و توجد به  فرص لهم جميعاً

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chess Grandmaster Kateryna Lahno Has Won The Women’s World Blitz Championship

GM\Kateryna Lahno has deservedly won the Women's World Blitz Championship in it's second edition which took place in Moscow from 15-18 September under the auspice of the Russian State Social University and the Moscow Chess Federation in co-operation with the Russian Chess Federation and under the aegis of FIDE.
Kateryna Lahno (born December 27, 1989) is a Ukrainian chess player. She earned the FIDE title of Woman Grandmaster (WGM) at the age of 12 years and 4 months, breaking Judit Polgár's record to become the youngest ever to earn this title. She is now a full Grandmaster (GM).Born in Lviv, Lahno grew up in the industrial and chess-friendly town Kramatorsk. As of 2005, she lives in Donetsk.Lahno was the fifth seed for the 64-player knockout 2004 Women's World Chess Championship. At the age of 15 she won the 2005 European Individual Women's Championship, held in June in Chişinău, Moldova. Tied with Russian IM Nadezhda Kosintseva at the end of the 12th round with 9 points each, Lahno won both games of a two-game rapid-play tie-break playoff to win the championship. She won IV Women's 'North Urals Cup - 2006', attaining a full grandmaster norm in the process.In May 2008, Lahno won the European Individual Women Chess Championships again in Plovdiv, by one-half point in the 11-round open tournament.On February 25, 2009 she married Robert Fontaine, French chess Grandmaster and TV reporter for the famous Europe Echecs (
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Congratulations !

Friday, September 17, 2010

Super Chess GM \Tigran L. Petrosian Celebrates His 26th Birthday



GM.Tigran L. Petrosian (Armenian: Տիգրան Պետրոսյան; born September 17, 1984) is an Armenian chess player who holds the title of grandmaster (2002). His first name was deliberately chosen by his father to match the name of the former world champion Tigran V. Petrosian who was also of Armenian descent. It happened that, when the late Tigran won the world title, Tigran's father dreamt that if he ever had a son he would call him Tigran.Petrosian learned chess at the age of five. He received coaching from Gagik Sargissian and Melikset Khachiyan before entering a chess academy in 2002, where he was occasionally instructed by GM Arsen Yegiazarian and IM Ashot Nadanian. He achieved his grandmaster title by scoring norms at the under 18 World Championship in 2002, the Batumi Open in 2003, and the Aeroflot Open in Moscow in 2004.In 2005, he tied for first in Tehran, Kish and Lausanne; in 2006 tied for first in Lyon and Dubai; in 2008 tied for first in Wheeling and Las Vegas. He plays on the Internet Chess Club (ICC) under the pseudonym "Tigrano".In December 2009, he was awarded the title of "Honoured Master of Sport of the Republic of Armenia"...(
Source of the photo:   Photo copyright © 2008, courtesy of "WannaBe"
On behalf of myself and SCCA staff and students we wish GM\Tigran a very Happy Birthday !

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Tribute To All Innocent People Who Lost Their Lives In September 11 Terror Attacks Against The USA

God bless the innocent people who lost their lives in September 11 terror attacks ...God bless them all and all their families .
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World No. One GM.Magnus Carlsen Beats The World Easily !

World No. one GM.Magnus Carlsen has beaten the whole world who played against him and  got assistance from top elite GM.Judit Polgar ,GM.Hikaru Nakamura and GM.Vachier-Lagrave but the world misused this assistance !
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The Legendary Chess Grandmaster Bent Larsen Passed Away At The Age Of 75

Jørgen Bent Larsen (4 March 1935 – 9 September 2010) was a Danish chess Grandmaster. He has been a six-time Danish champion, and a Candidate for the World Chess Championship on four occasions: 1965, 1968, 1971, and 1977. He won three Interzonal tournaments: Amsterdam 1964, Sousse 1967, and Biel 1976. Larsen won several dozen major international tournaments during his career, and was awarded the first Chess Oscar in 1967.Larsen is considered to be the strongest chess player ever born in Denmark, and strongest in Scandinavia at least until the emergence of Magnus Carlsen. Since the early 1970s, he lived for part of the year in Las Palmas and in Buenos Aires, with his Argentinian-born wife...(
In the diagram on the right White (GM.Larsen) wins brilliantly.How ?
I want to extend my sympathy and condolences to GM.Larsen's family ,fans and admirers and all the chess community all over the world. 

Warm Greetings to all Muslims All Over The World On The Occasion Of The Lesser Bairam -The Blessed Eid Al Fitr- And The Egyptian Christians On The Ocassion Of Eid-Al-Nayroz-Or-Nairoz-Or-Nairuz-Martyrdom !

I want to send warm greetings to all Muslims and Muslim communities all over the world on the occasion of The Lesser Bairam -The Blessed Eid Al Fitr- and also all Egyptian Christians -The Copts- on the occasion of Eid-Al-Nayroz-or-Nairoz-or-Nairuz-Martyrdom -The Coptic New Year 1727-
كل عام و الأخوة المسلمون بكل مكان و الأقباط المصريون بخير و سعادة بمناسبتي عيدي الفطر المبارك من 10 إلى 12 سبتمبر وعيد النيروز- رأس السنة القبطية- 1727 شهداء يوم 11 سبتمبر الموافق 1 توت ...كل عام و بلدنا الغالي مصر قيادةٌ و شعباً بخير 

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Super Egyptian Chess Grandmaster Bassem Samir Amin Celebrates His 22nd Birthday !

Super Egyptian chess GM\Bassem Samir Amin celebrated his 22nd birthday.
On behalf of myself and SCCA staff and students we wish GM\Bassem a very Happy Birthday !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Of The Most Stunning Sacrificial Combinations In Chess History:The Pearl Of Wijk Aan Zee 1995 !

GM.Vadim Zvjaginsev  (Zviagintsev) (born August 18, 1976 in Moscow) is a Russian chess grandmaster.He graduated from Moscow State University (Faculty of Economics) in 1996...GM.Zvjaginsev has been described as a very aggressive, tactical player.He is well known as the author of the revolutionary antidote 1. e4 c5 2. Na3!? against the Sicilian defense that surprised the entire chess world...(
In the  diagram on the left GM.Zvjaginsev playing with the black pieces launched one the most stunning sacrificial combinations ever created over the chess board.
The game is well known as The Pearl Of Wijk Aan Zee ( considered one of the most notable chess games ever played.Source of the photo : (

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Notable Chess Game By The Late Legendary Genius World Chess Champion GM.Alexander Alekhine !

Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine (Russian: Алекса́ндр Алекса́ндрович Але́хин, pronounced [alʲɛkˈsandr̠ alʲɛkˈsandr̠ovʲitɕ aˈlʲɛxin])[1] (October 31, 1892 – March 24, 1946) was the fourth World Chess Champion. He is often considered one of the greatest chess players ever.By the age of twenty-two, he was already among the strongest chess players in the world. During the 1920s, he won most of the tournaments in which he played. In 1927, he became the fourth World Chess Champion by defeating Capablanca, widely considered invincible, in what would stand as the longest chess championship match held until 1985...( Source of the photo : 
In the diagram on the right GM.Alekhine (white) wins elegantly by means of a beautiful combination...How ?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Super Chess Grandmaster\Baadur Jobava Gets Married To Elena Jobava :Congratulations !

Super Georgian Chess Grandmaster\Baadur Jobava (Georgian: ბაადურ ჯობავა; born November 26, 1983) entered the golden cage of marriage by getting married to Elena Jobava.Congratulations to the wonderful couple !
GM\Baadur Jobava first major achievement on the international scene was winning the Dubai Open 2003 with 7/9. He took the gold medal at the 2004 36th Chess Olympiad, scoring 8½/10. In total he has taken part in four Olympiads: 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006 (scoring 64.3% overall).He took part in the FIDE World Chess Championship 2004, but was knocked out in the first round by Ruben Felgaer. He won the Georgian Chess Championship in 2003 and 2007. He won the Second Samba Cup in Skanderborg, Denmark in 2005. 2006 was a good year for Jobava, winning the Railyaway Hotel Cup and the prestigious Aeroflot Open, the strongest open tournament in the world....(
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