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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Magnificent Video : The Legendary Former World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik Played A Blitz Game Against A Robot !

 For the first time in history former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik played a blitz game against an industrial robot dubbed the Chess Terminator created by Mr.Konstantin Kosteniuk  .
 The incredible robot can play against 3 opponents simultaneously .The game took place at the
 opening ceremony of the The 60th Russian Women's Championship in Moscow; November, 2010 . The game ended in a draw but Terminator was unable to shake hands with GM\Kramnik who offered a draw because the robot did not not really "see" the board, but had a sensor board to recognize the pieces .
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Chinese Star GM Zhao Xue Deservedly Won FIDE Women's Grand Prix At Nachlik

GM\Zhao Xue won easily the third Women's Grand Prix 2011-2012 by scoring 9.5 points out of 11 games with an incredible Elo performance (2882) and an increase of 42 points to her current rate (2497) Elo ; her compatriot WGM\Ju Wenjun -who defeated GM\Zhao in the final round -came second with 7 points .The third stage of FIDE Women's Grand Prix cycle 2011-2012 was staged from 8th to 23rd of October in Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, in the Hotel Sindika .
IM Ekaterina Kovalevskaya and GM Victoria Cmilyte from Lithuania came in the third and fourth places while GM Kateryna Lahno came fifth .
Congratulations to GM\Zhao Xue and to WGM\Ju Wenjun ..Congratulations to China !
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Former World Chess Champion U-20 And Egypt's Top Chess Player GM\Ahmed Adly Played A Simultaneous In SCCA

On Friday the 7th of October and under the banner of peace, love and tolerance former World Chess Champion U-20 and Egypt's top chess player GM\Ahmed Adly played a Chess simultaneous in SCCA (Smouha Club Chess Academy) against 32 players; most of them are SCCA students and with the participation of many players from Bibliotheca Alexandrina chess club who are trained by I.A Mr\Ahmed Yousef .Dr\Mohamed Magy Brekah -Sports advisor to the members of board -and the Colonel \Ahmed Amre -Smouha Security General Manager - attended the event .The simultaneous lasted for more than 3 hours and the final result was ( +31-1=0 ) in favor for the super grand master .GM\Ahmed lost only one game to the very talented Laila Rashed -member of Smouha Women Chess team and the daughter of the international player Mr.Nabil Rashed member of Smouha Men Chess team - in that game GM\Ahmed showed the ethics of a young gentleman and a real chess champion ;when he reached a lost position against Laila he refused gently her offer to draw the game but instead he encouraged her to continue playing to have self confidence and win which happened a few moves later .GM\Ahmed Adly then made a spectacular show when he played against 2 players -whom he chose from his opponents in the simultaneous (Laila Rashed and Yousef Ashraf)- simultaneously and blindfolded in a 15 minutes game ! The super GM showed his skills and impressively won the 2 games in a great style .
 GM\Ahmed Adly has previously visited SCCA and played a chess simultaneous and gave a lecture in the academy as in the following link :
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Exclusive T.V Interview With IM\Aly Yasseen And Eng\Medhat Moheb About The 17th Alexandria International Chess Open 2011

On Tuesday 4/10/2011 "Good Morning Sea" which is broadcasting on Alexandria satellite channel hosted IM\Aly Yasseen -winner of the 17th Alexandria International Chess Open 2011- and Eng.Medhat Moheb -the tournament director -in an interesting interview about the tournament and chess in Egypt .The program is presented by Mme\Azza Abdeen and prepared by Mme\Alfat Abu Elmakarem and directed by Mme\Rania Abd Allah .

Monday, October 17, 2011

In Memory Of Baron Tassilo Heydebrand und der Lasa (17 October 1818 - 27 July 1899)

Tassilo, Baron von Heydebrand und der Lasa (known in English as "Baron von der Lasa", 17 October 1818, Berlin – 27 July 1899, Storchnest near Lissa, Greater Poland, then German Empire) was an important German chess master, chess historian and theoretician of the nineteenth century, a member of the Berlin Chess Club and a founder of the Berlin Chess School (the Berlin Pleiades).
His name is usually abbreviated as "von der Lasa", as this is how he signed his letters. However both contemporary and more recent writers have used other abbreviations, such as "von Heydebrandt" (which is a mis-spelling) and "Der Lasa". The Prussian King (later Emperor) William I made a joke out of the confusion by saying, "Good morning, dear Heydebrand. How is von der Lasa doing?"
Von der Lasa was born 17 October 1818 in Berlin. He studied law in Bonn and Berlin. From 1845 he was a diplomat in the service of Prussia. His career took him to Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Rio de Janeiro, among other places. He retired from the diplomatic service in 1864, and thereafter devoted himself to the world of chess.
He played several matches and defeated the strongest masters in the period 1843–1853. He won against Henry Thomas Buckle 2-1 (1843), Adolf Anderssen 4-2 (1845), Johann Löwenthal 6-1 (1846), John William Schulten 4-1 (1850), Anderssen 10-5 (1851), and Howard Staunton 7-6 (1853).
To the modern chess world he is known above all as the main author of the Handbuch des Schachspiels (first published in 1843). His friend Paul Rudolf von Bilguer, responsible for the original plan, had died in 1840, with the work still in the early stages. Von der Lasa took over, and, in a noble gesture of friendship, put his friend's name as author. In later editions of the Handbuch, in German commonly called der Bilguer, von der Lasa was named as co-author...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Egypt Mourns The Victims And The Martyrs Of The Massacre On The Bloody Sunday 9\10\2011

"To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men." Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Thousands of Egyptians -Muslims and Christians- payed their tribute to the victims and martyrs -25 Coptic Christians and 1 Muslim soldier and about 300 seriously injured -of the massacre on the bloody and very sad Sunday 9\10\2011 .
Earlier a march led by the Copts and many Muslims as well to demand an end to the ongoing persecution and discrimination about the destruction of a church building in Aswan Province on September 30 .The demonstration was disrupted by thugs as when the peaceful protesters left the Shubra neighborhood they were attacked by by people throwing stones .After sometime the protesters continued their march and were attacked once more in Bulaq then afterwards when the protesters arrived In Maspero area -where the Official State Television is located- the protesters were met by thugs who attacked them with stones and sticks ; the protesters tried do defend themselves against the attackers when a horrible unprecedented thing happened : eyewitnesses and numerous videos broadcasting on CNN  and other media channels such as Youtube showed live ammunition fired from army soldiers and snipers against the peaceful protesters leaving many dead and injured and then armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers drove into the crowds with unbelievable brutality crushing the stones of many of them on the streets and killing many ruthlessly , also many eyewitnesses spoke about many martyrs bodies were thrown into the river Nile .  During these horrific events the National state television deceived intentionally the Egyptian people by claiming that the  Copts initiated the attack on the armed forces, as well as appealing to citizens to rise up to defend the armed forces against the attacking Copts?!! in an irresponsible act that could have initiated a sectarian civil war in Egypt .Many thugs and fanatics in the streets began to ask the escaping protesters for their religious identity and attacked the christian copts severely .  
 In the wake of what could be the worst act of violence against Egyptian Christians in modern history, leaders of the Coptic Orthodox Church have called for three days of fasting and prayer for divine intervention, along with three days of mourning.Ironically, the military authorities and the government they've appointed denied any responsibility about the heinous crime and are claiming that "an outside conspiracy against the state is behind the events."!! and decided to appoint a commission of inquiry .
 I offer my heartily felt condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in Egypt  and wish a quick recovery to those who were injured. My thoughts are with all those were affected by the savage crime.God bless and protect Egypt and the Egyptian people .."Blessed be Egypt my people" Isaiah 19:25

Monday, October 3, 2011

GM\Salem Saleh Won The Arab Elite Chess Championship From 25th Sep to 2nd Oct 2011

GM\Salem Saleh (2489 Elo) won The Arab Chess Championship 2011 by scoring 8 points out of 9 games ; former World Chess Champion GM\Ahmed Adly from Egypt (2605 Elo) won the silver medal and came second with 7.5 points while GM\Mohamad Al-Modiahki from Qatar (2564 Elo) came third .
Congratulations to the great Egyptian Pharaoh !
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