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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gold Olympic Medal Winner IM\Satea Husari visited SCCA (30\1\2010)

On 30\1\2010 Gold medal Olympic winner -Novi Saad 1990-IM\Satea Husari visited SCC
The great Syrian chess champion -now live in Germany- gave a simultaneous dislay with clocks -1:30 to the IM and 1:00 to each of his opponents-against 18 players .This time SCCA students were at their best and played like professional chess players .The final result was +16=1-1 in favor of the IM who showed very sportive behaviour .(Sherif Anter-17 years old- won in a great style and Yasser Mohamed Ibrahim-13-years old -drew confidently ;the other games were very hard fought that Yomna Khaled-13 years old- achieved a winning position but unfortunately blundered away her Queen).
The students then enjoyed an instructive lecture given by IM\Satea who analyzed the 2 games he lost and drew and analyzed another chess game played by the late Alexandrian genius chess player IM\Essam Aly Ahmed who passed away in 2003 .At the end of the event Madame\Jihan -IM\Essam Aly Ahmed 's wife with her lovely kids Rowan and Youssef -received Smouha Club shield.
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  1. A special thanks to Mr. Medhat on the wonderful effort in the world of chess and diligence in this game and interest in their activities and strengthen
    mr/Mohamed Saad

  2. Thank you very much Prof.Mohamed
    My best regards !