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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Legendary German GM\ Artur Yusupov Is In Greece

Artur Mayakovich Yusupov (de: Jussupow; born February 13, 1960 in Moscow, Soviet Union) is a German International Grandmaster of chess, and a chess writer.
He learned to play chess at the age of six and trained at the Young Pioneers' Palace in Moscow. He was a winner of the World Junior Chess Championship in 1977. This was also the year that he gained the International Master title, qualification as a grandmaster following in 1980. Second place at his first USSR Championship in 1979 (behind Geller). International tournament results in the next decade included first place at Esbjerg 1980, first at Yerevan 1982, equal fourth at Linares 1983, first at the Tunis Interzonal 1985, equal first at Montpellier Candidates 1985, and third at Linares 1988. He also won the 1986 Canadian Open Chess Championship.By this time Yusupov was also chasing World Championship qualification, reaching the semi-final of the Candidates Tournament on three occasions in 1986 ,1989 and 1992.
In the early nineties, he returned to his Moscow apartment one day and disturbed some burglars. During the struggle that broke out, he was shot and considers himself lucky to have survived. Soon after, he decided to move to Germany, which has remained his home ever since...(
The legendary GM\Artur Yusupov is now in Greece successfully coaching and training the Swiss youth national teams participating in the 2010 World Youth Championships.

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