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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Young Chess Kings And Queens Are Crowned In The Closing Ceremony Of The 2010 WYCC In Porto Carras ,Greece

The 2010 World Youth Chess Championships in Porto Carras ,Greece Concluded successfully with a beautiful and elegant closing ceremony in the packed Olympic Hall.The closing ceremony was attended by the members of the Organizing Committee and the General Manager of the Porto Carras resort.
The winners in the open section were :
(U-8) years Gadimbayli Abdulla Azar from Azerbaijan won (over 124 players) with 9.5 points ,(U-10)years Cao Jason from Canada won (over 156 players) with 9 points ;(U-12)years Wei Yi from China won (over 156 players) with 9.5 points ;(U-14)years Izzat Kanan Azar from Azerbaijan won (over 128 players) with 9 points ; (U-16)years Dragun Kamil from Poland won (over 140 players) with 8.5 points ;(U-18)years GM\Zierk Steven C (deservedly earned the grandmaster title during the tournament) from USA won (over 110 players) with 9.5 points.
In the Girls section :(U-8)years Li Yunshan from China won (over 80 players) with 10.5 points ;(U-10)years WFM\Nominerdene Davaademberel from Mongolia won (over 104 players) with 9 points ;(U-12)years Osmak Iulija from Ukraine won (over 119 players) with 9 points ;(U-14) years WFM\Saduakassova Dinara from Kazakhstan won (over 98 players) with 9 points ; (U-16)years WIM\Ziaziulkina Nastassia from Belarus won (over 96 players) with 8.5 points ; (U-18)years WIM\Kazimova Narmin Nizami from Azerbaijan won (over 72 players) with 9 points.
Also a total of 15 young youth have earned the title norms as follows:
GM Norm:Steven Zierk (Open U18);IM Norms:Liu Chang (Open U16),Arribas Lopez Angel, Pouya Idani, Mammadov Ayaz Arzu, Kambez Nuri, Vladimir Belous, Dmitriy Danilenko and Anwesh Upadhyaya (Open U18);WIM Norms:Anja Schulz (Girls U16),Bhakti Kulkarni, Lanita Stetsko, Anastasiya Rakhmangulova, Klaudia Kulon and Zoi Iordanidou (Girls U18).
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Congratulations to all !

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