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Friday, October 1, 2010

Joueuse -Queen To Play- A Beautiful Movie Based On Chess !

In Caroline Bottaro’s polished debut, Helene (Sandrine Bonnaire), in the course of her work at a seaside motel, chances upon a scene that briefly mesmerises her: through a wind-blown wispy curtain, she sees a man and his female companion (Jennifer Beals) engaged in a game of chess. It stirs something in her, a dormant cognitive spark, so long held in check by her unadorned life as a dutiful wife and mother. The near-opacity of the curtain veiling the scene seems to enhance the mystifying attraction of something foreign to her...(
Cast: Sandrine Bonnaire ,Kevin Kline ,Valérie Lagrange ,Francis Renaud ,Jennifer Beals written by Caroline Bottaro, Bertina Henrichs and directed by Caroline Bottaro (
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