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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Legendary 12th World Chess Champion GM\Anatoly Karpov :A Closer Look

When I entered the Chairman's Meeting Hall in the tennis stadium at Smouha Club heading towards our honorable guests to welcome them...Mr.Hussein Nafady -Chairman of the Egyptian Chess Federation-introduced me to the legendary 12th World Chess Champion GM\Anatoly Karpov and added pointing towards me "...this man is crazy about Bobby Fischer.."!! -which is true for many reasons:he raised the level of the game ;and also his achievements as a chess player , ...etc-surprisingly to me GM\Karpov laughed gently ;and we started a friendly conversation as if we knew each other for many years before !
When our honorable guests entered the VIP Hall accompanied by the well known businessman Engineer\Farag Amer -chairman of Smouha Club and member of the senate- GM\Karpov headed directly towards the young boys and girls playing blitz games then I saw his eyes shined not only with an expected talented genius look but with a look of hope ;a dream he wants to fulfill.
In his speech ...when the World Champion spoke his mind spontaneously -without any drafts of paper-about his current and future projects of opening Karpov's chess schools in the middle east and in the developing countries ;and the ambitions he wants to fulfil for the sake of the royal game ...his sincere language and integrity touched the hearts of all the audiences .
GM\Karpov has a charismatic type of personality : modest , sincere,kind person ; a real gentleman who has the ethics of a real hero and a World Champion who has millions of fans and admirers all over the world.

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