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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Clash Between 2 World Chess Champions :GM\Ponomariov Beats GM\Kramnik In Dortmund 2010

The above endgame resulted from a very exciting game and powerful play by GM\Ponomariov against GM\Kramnik in their encounter (round 2) in Sparkassen GM Tournament (Dortmund 2010).How should white proceed in the above diagram ?
Source of the event:
Source of the photo: by Georgios Souleidis
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  1. thank you for your great efforts which help us to improve playing chess.I tried to complete the endgame but my first idea -kf1- was wrong because I missed the difference between the position of the two kings depending on the rule of " out or inside the big square ",then I watched the exciting game .Best wishes for you.

  2. You are welcome any time
    My best regards !