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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Full Illustrated Report About The Historical Visit Of The Legendary 12th World Chess Champion GM\Anatoly Karpov To SCCA (Part 1)

The legendary 12th World Chess Champion GM\Anatoly Karpov arrived at Smouha Club on Sunday the 4th of July at exactly 10:30 p.m accompanied by Mr.Hussein Nafady-chairman of the Egyptian Chess Federation-and the businessman Dr.Amur D. Kanchaveli -Dr. of Economical Sciences and Official representative in the Kingdom of Morocco- with his wife and Dr.Saher Al-Khateeb -Official representative of Kad-M Association-and the chess Grandmaster\Alexander -Assistant of GM\Karpov-The honorable guests were received by the well known Engineer\Farag Amer -Chairman Of Smouha Club and member of the senate-and members of board of Smouha Club ;at the Chirman's hall in the Tennis Stadium then all of the honorable personalities went to SCCA in the VIP hall.

The world Champion was received by a huge crowd -mainly members of SCCA and their Families-and many fans who saluted him warmly.GM\Anatoly karpov followed shortly some of SCCA students who showed their chess skills while playing blitz chess games.


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