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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Closing Ceremony For Smouha Youth Chess Tournament 2010 :Full Results And Impressions !

On Saturday ,the third of July a huge and magnificent closing ceremony of Smouha Club Chess Academy (SCCA) second youth chess tournament 2010 ;one of the greatest Egyptian youth chess tournaments ever that took place in the V.I.P hall at Smouha club. The well known business man Engineer\Farag Amer Chairman of Smouha club and member of the senate attended the closing ceremony ;also attended the closing ceremony Mr.Sobhy Hamido member of Smouha club board ,and Engineer\Ahmed Hassan -Head of the sports committee-and Dr.Kamal Abbas -Head of the sports activity-and the honorable guest Engineer\Marwa Elderiny -Vice president of Future Protectors Association -who was the main sponsor of the event. The ceremony commenced by listening to the Egyptian National Anthem then I gave a word of welcome to all the honorable guests and players. Engineer\Farag Amer welcomed all the attendances ,players and champions, and all the families present and he also wished all of the players great success in their futures as chess players and to achieve their dreams to become chess champions ;he also saluted the staff of SCCA for their efforts.Engineer\Marwa Eldriny expressed her happiness for sponsoring this wonderful tournament and spoke about the role of Future Protectors Association in protecting youth against drugs. Smouha Club shield was given to :Mr.Yehya Mosalem (The international arbiter) ,IM\Aly Yasseen and to Engineer\Marwa Eldriny.
The Prizes and The Winners:
1)A special trophy was given to Boys best sportsmanship which was won by Youssef Sameh and another special trophy to Girls best sportsmanship which was won by Bereyhan Assem 2)A trophy for Boys best game which carry the name of the late IM\Essam Aly Ahmed was won by Moustafa Sherif and the same trophy for girls was won by Salma Wagdy 3)The best combination prize which holds the name of the late legendary world chess champion\Bobby Fischer was won by Aya Motazz.
4)A blitz digital chess clock awarded by Mr.Hussein Nafady was won by Mohamed Nader champion of the open (U17,19) Swiss event
5)B(U-9) was won by :Mouhab Yasser Allam B(U-11) was won by :Adham Mohamed Fawzy B(U-13) was won by :Mohamed Adel Ibrahim B(U-15) was won by :Zyad Mohamed Abd Elmonaem B(U-17) was won by :Mohamed Nader B(U-19) was won by :(FM)Abd Elrahman Hesham .
G(U-9) was won by :Sarah Adel G(U-11) was won by:Heba Elwazan G(U-13) was won by:Aya Motazz G(U-15) was won by:Yomna Khaled G(U-17) was won by:Alaa Motazz G(U-19) was won by:Nourhan Hesham
I would like to thank :Engineer\Hassan Khaled (the international arbiter and Fide Lecturer),Mr.Yehya Mosalem (The international arbiter), Mr.Ahmed Youssef (The international Arbiter),Mr.Moussa Gommaa (The Fide Arbiter)and Mr.Mohamed Saad and Mr.Hesham Elsenousy (First Class Arbiters) and also Mr.Islam Elmsery (SCCA Adminstrative).
All Tournaments results and details are found here:


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