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Monday, May 24, 2010

A Huge Success For Alexandria Youth Chess Tournament 2010

Alexandria Youth Chess Tournament took place at El Ettihad club from 6-16 March 2010.The tournament was a huge success where 55 players (33 boys and 22 girls).The winners were:
U-10 Years Girls:
1)Heba Hassan El Wazan
1)Sara Adel Ibrahim (equally first)
3)Maha Sameh Ibrahim

U-14 Years Girls:
1)Aya Motazz
2)Yomna Khaled
3)Merna Nabil

U-16 Years Girls:
1)Alaa Motazz

2)Doha Shabaan

3)Khadiga Youssef

U-10 Years Boys:
1)Omar Alaa Abd El Kader
2)Aly Medhat
3)Mouhab Yasser Allaam

U-12 Years Boys:
1)Omar Mohamed
2)Ahmed Sameh
3)Andrew Halim

U-14 Years Boys:
1)Yasser Mohamed Ibrahim

2)Ahmed Mohey Eldin

3)Fady Nabil

U-16 Years Boys:
1)Hussein Mohamed
2)Moustafa Saad
3)George Mourad
Special prizes were given to :Amira Moustafa Raslan and Hadeer Naser Mohamed
and the youngest player :Mohamed Tamer Mohamed
Tournament Director:Eng.Medhat Moheb ;the arbiters First class:Mr.Mohamed Saad and Mr.Naser Sedik and the pairing by International arbiter Mr.Ahmed Youssef.
Congratulations to all !
Source of the photos:!/photo.php?pid=3864093&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=1605021726&id=532393015

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