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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

El Ettihad Club Hosted Alexandria Rated Tournament 2010

Under the auspice of Mr\Mohamed Meselhy -chairman of El Ettihad Club and member of the senate-and under the supervision of the Egyptian Chess Federation (Alexandria Region) El Ettihhad Club hosted the annual Alexandria Rated Chess Tournament from 16-24 March.The tournament was a swiss event of 9 rounds .The tournament attracted 95 players among them many were considered Alexandrian best chess players.WIM\Yousra Alaa was the only titled player in the tournament.The winner was NM\Khaled Atteya (2167) by 7.5 points ahead -by Tie-Break-the second prize winner NM\Ahmed Moussa (2233) and NM\Ahmed Abd Elaziz (2131) by 7 points ;from 4th to 10th came NMs\Saiid Abd EL Naby (2300),Moustafa Ruslan (2155),Nagy Mekki (2242),Ahmed El Atar (2128),Hosam Hassan (2018),Amro Samy (2112) and finally Ehab Abd Elaziz (2156).Also special prizes were given to Mr.Kerlus Fekry (First unrated player with 6.5 points) and Mr.Esam Khatab (first over 50 years) ;and a special prize was awarded for Mr.\ Mohamed Ibrahim for his sportive Spirit and also a special prize for Mr.Mohamed Fawzy (The Challenge Prize)
The tournament was directed by Eng.Medhat Moheb .Special thanks for members of Alexandria Chess region:Eng.Atef Moursy (vice president) ,Mr.Ahmed Moukhtar and Mr.Abd Elhamid Beshara and Miss\Ragaa Mohamed (the executive director) and specials thanks also for the arbiters for their great effort :Mr.Moussa Gomaa -Chief Arbiter-and international referee Mr.Kamal Tadros ,First class arbiters Mr.Mohamed Saad ,Mr.Naser Sedik and Mr.Abd ElSalam Elkhouly.The pairing was handled by international arbiter Mr.Ahmed Youssef and Mr.Mohamed Farouk.I want to thank a lot Mr.Gaser Mouneer -General Manager of El Ettihad Club-who attended the closing ceremony and awarded the winners .
I want to thank my friend Eng.Amr Madian ( supplied me with his nice photos.
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