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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

GM\Anand Retains The Title Of The World Chess Champion And Wins The Prize Fund Of 1.2 Million Euros (The Final Score is 6.5:5.5)

GM\Anand successfully and deservedly retained his title after beating GM\Topalov with the black pieces.GM\Anand surprised his opponent by adopting the solid Queen's Gambit Defense -Lasker Variation-GM\Anand equalized easily after the 7... Ne4 move .GM\Topalov made 2 crucial mistakes in the middle-game 31.exf5 ? and 32.fxe4 ? which resulted in open lines and diagonal against the white king.GM\Anand obtained a decisive attack and went on to win to retain the title he won four times in different formats Knockout, Tournament, and Match (2000,2007,2008 and 2010)
GM\Anand wins 1.2 million Euro while GM\Topalov wins 800 000 Euro.
GM\Anand's team of seconds are :GMs\Ganguly, Nielsen, Kasimdzhanov and Wojtaszek.
GM\Topalov's team of seconds are :GMs\Cheparinov, L'Ami, Smeets and Dufek.
Congratulations to GM\Anand for successfully retaining his title.
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