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Friday, November 18, 2011

Women's World Chess Championship 2011 In Tirana :After Round (3) GM.Hou Yifan Takes The Lead

Women's World Chess Champion GM\Hou Yifan (2578 Elo) won an important game with the black pieces against her Indian rival GM\Humpy Koneru (2600 Elo) .The game was a Queen's Gambit Declined (Ragozin Variation -D38) where the game entered into a very tense and sharp struggle ;the Chinese GM took the a-pawn on move 18 but allowed the White rook to invade on the f6 square GM.Yifan played very precisely on the queen-side and the center although she overlooked a simple win on move 25 with Rd8 ! GM.Humpy was very short in time during the game ;for instance she had to play 12 moves in one minute ,and she was unable to stop black's 2 connected  central passe pawns which proved to be decisive .

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