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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IM\Vladimir Okhotnik (2427 Elo) And WIM\Galina Strutinskaya (2277 Elo) Are The New World Senior Champions

IM\Vladimir Okhotnik (2427 Elo) From France and WIM\Galina Strutinskaya (2277 Elo) From Russia deservedly won the 21st Individual World Senior Chess Championships that took place in Optija ;Croatia from 14-27 November .IM\Okhotnik scored 9 points out of 11 games with a performance of (2612 Elo) and was officially awarded the grandmaster title , GM\Davorin Komljenovic (2451 Elo) from Croatia came second with (8.5 points) while GM\Gennadij Timoscenko from Slovakia came third with (8.5 points) .
WIM\Galina Strutinskayan scored 8.5 points out of 11 games with a performance of (2375 Elo) ,WFM\Nino Melashvili (2106 Elo) from Geogia scored 8 points and came second while WGM\Ludmila Saunina (2274 Elo) from Russia came third with 8 points .
IM\Aly Yasseen (2342 Elo) represented Egypt and Africa in the tournament and scored 6.5 points and came in the 50th place among 201 players from 49 countries .
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