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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

IM\Aly Yasseen Chess Academy :A Huges Boost To Chess In Alexandria ,Egypt

On Friday 8\7 ; I attended the opening ceremony of my friend IM\Aly Yasseen's Chess Academy which represents by all means a huge boost to chess in Alexandria ,Egypt.
The academy is located in one of Alexandria's most prestigious districts (Smouha district) and is furnished with all basic and required chess tools.
IM\Aly Yasseen is a prominent chess figure as he is the only IM in Alexandria and a member of Egypt's national team for more than 20 years (for more information read my interview with him that was published on ChessBase website : and on my blog-site :
I would like to congratulate IM\Aly Yasseen and wish him success and good luck !
IM\Aly Yasseen Contact Details : , Tel: 0020188021197


  1. الأستاذ مدحت محب والأستاذ على ياسين منورين الموقع . ازيك يا أستاذ على واحشنى والله ( إيهاب محمود عبد العزيز)

  2. ربنا يخليك يا أستاذ/إيهاب
    الموقع منور بحضرتك