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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Young Talented Youth From SCCA Achieve Huge Suceess In Egypt

After 2 years of hard and sincere work 3 of my young talented students made a huge achievement and a great breakthrough by acquiring international rating and joining the list of highest rated players in the world.
Abdel Rahman Yasser Allam -11 years old -Egypt's National Chess Champion U-10 years obtained an Elo rating of (2052) to make him 28th in the world  and no. 1 in Africa and in Egypt (U-12 years).
Heba Hassan Elwazzan -11 years old-had an Elo rating of (2027) to make her no.3 in the world and no.1 in Africa and in Egypt (Female U-12 years) ,also Perihan Assem -13 years old- had an Elo rating of (1781) to make her no. 167 in the world and no. 1 in Africa and in Egypt (Female U-14 years).
On the left photo I am between the young talented Heba Elwazzan (left) and Perihan Assem (right) and on the right with the young talented Abdel Rahman Yasser Allam .
Congratulations to all !


  1. Dear Eng.Medhat
    Special congratulations to you,and to SCCA members.Such proud news proves that your hard and sincere work will give the Egyptian talents the chance to raise the name of EGYPT in best wishes to all.
    Mohamed Awad.

  2. Thank you a lot Mr.Mohamed for your kind words and encouragement.
    My best regards