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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Terror Deadly Blast Attack Against El Qiddiseen Coptic Church In Alexandria

At least 23 innocent Egyptian people (all of them are Coptic Christians ) died and about 90 others were injured in a deadly blast attack against El Qidiseen (The Saints) Coptic Church -in Khalil Hamada street ; Sidi Bishr District-in Alexandria about 12:20 a.m 1/1/2011.
My heart bleeds sorrow and sadness from this filthy heinous crime.All Egyptian People should condemn this barbarous and cruel crime.
My deepest condolences and sympathy to the families of all the victims ;God bless their souls all.I pray for a fast and speedy recovery for all the injured...
"... Blessed be Egypt my people..." (Isaih 19:25)
God Protects And Preserves Egypt And The Egyptian People .
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  1. Islam orders peace,and the Quran demands from each true Muslim that he or she be a symbol of peace. This terrorist attack bleeds all Egyptians' hearts,I strongly condemn it.I pray to God to bless the victims' souls, and to protect our country.
    Mohamed Awad.

  2. Dear Mr.Mohamed Awad
    You are a true Muslim ...A true Human Being...
    God bless you