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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Egyptian Youths Are The Arab Champions !

The Egyptian Youths  made a huge achievement in the Arab Youth Chess Championships (U-8 to U-14 Open and Girls) that had taken place at
Monastir Habib Hotel In Tunis from the period 21\12\2010 to 27\12\2010 as the very talented chess player Shrook Wafaa had won the gold medal (U-14 Girls) while her younger sister Shahenda Wafa had won also the gold medal(U-12 Girls);FM\Andro Wagdy had won the silver medal (U-14 Open);Mohamed Zayan also won the silver medal (U-12 open)and Sara Adel had won the bronze medal (U-8 Girls);Omar Yasser came 4th (U-8 Open) and Dalia Othman participated in the (U-10 Girls).The Egyptian chess delegation was headed by Eng.Refaat Raslan and the trainers were :IM\Maher Himdan ;I.A\Ahmed Youssef and Mr.Mohamed Abd Elmonem.
Congratulations to all ! 
I would like also to wish Tunis and the Tunisian people peace ,stability and prosperity .
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