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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

9-year old Canadian Wins 2010 Canadian Chess Player of the Year Award

 Each year the Canadian Chess Journalists, supplemented by one public Fan Ballot, pick the player who has achieved the most in Canadian chess in the past year – this is run by Canadian chess historian and organizer David Cohen.This year the choice of the journalists, and the Fan Ballot were the same ( first time this has happened ) – 9-year old Victoria, B.C. junior, FM Jason Cao, Under 10 Years Old World Chess Champion. Jason is a grade 5 student at Campus View Elementary School in Victoria, B.C..Jason pulled ahead of well-known Canadian players like Thomas Roussel-Roozman, Canada’s newest G rand Master, Grand Master Mark Bluvshtein, who defeated then # 2 in the world, Veselin Topalov ( Bulgaria ) at the 2010 Chess Olympiad, top Chess Federation of Canada-rated Canadian, Grand Master Bator Sambuev, and top female Canadian chess player, Women’s International Master Yuanling Yuan....Source:(
FM\Jason Cao accomplishments:
* 2010 Canadian Chess Player of the Year; winner of Fan Ballot; first player to win both votes
* 2010 Awarded FIDE Master title
* 2010 World Under-10 Champion (1st place on tie-break) in Porto Carras , Greece; qualified FIDE Master title
* 2010 1st place Canadian Under-10 Championship

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