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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Egyptian Excellent Chess League A (Round 11) : Smouha X Badr (4.5:4.5)

After an exciting match  Smouha x Badr ended in an exciting draw (4.5:4.5) in the 11th round from the Egyptian Excellent chess league (A) that took place at the VIP Hall in SCCA on 17\2\2012 .On board (1) IM\Aly Yasseen (2340 Elo) -who is now 62 years old- played one of his best games ever and demolished his experienced opponent (Mr.Khaled Atea (2218 Elo)) defenses with a means of a beautiful combination starting with a bishop sacrifice in a game that lasted for 25 minutes , while on board (2) Mr.Ashraf Toson (2108 Elo) drew with Mr.Mohamed Ibrahim (2178 Elo) ;and on board (3) Mr.Mahmoud Hamdy Darwish (2148 Elo) -from Smouha club- although had his opponent queen (Youssef Ismail (2078 Elo) pinned but could not escape the perpetual check by the black rook on the first and second ranks .On board (4) Mr.Salah Mansour (2228 Elo) playing with the black pieces consumed a lot of time on one move that he actually lost on time after had been held in a difficult position by Mr.Reda Fadel (2162 Elo) ;while on board (5) Mr.Ehab Abd Elaziz (2158 Elo) drew with his inevitable weapon Bird opening against the well known player and trainer Mr.Amro Samy (2123 Elo) and on board (6) Mr.Nasser Mosallam (2096 Elo) drew with the black pieces against the Ruy Lopez of his strong opponent Mr.Mohamed Abd El Samee (2231 Elo) ,while Smouha young youth gathered 1.5 points from 3 games as :Omar Idris lost on board 7 from Aly Hassan Tawfeik ,and Omar Khaled won his game against Yussef Saiid and on board (9) Abd El Rahman Yasser Allam drew with Abdallah Saiid.
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