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Friday, October 21, 2011

Former World Chess Champion U-20 And Egypt's Top Chess Player GM\Ahmed Adly Played A Simultaneous In SCCA

On Friday the 7th of October and under the banner of peace, love and tolerance former World Chess Champion U-20 and Egypt's top chess player GM\Ahmed Adly played a Chess simultaneous in SCCA (Smouha Club Chess Academy) against 32 players; most of them are SCCA students and with the participation of many players from Bibliotheca Alexandrina chess club who are trained by I.A Mr\Ahmed Yousef .Dr\Mohamed Magy Brekah -Sports advisor to the members of board -and the Colonel \Ahmed Amre -Smouha Security General Manager - attended the event .The simultaneous lasted for more than 3 hours and the final result was ( +31-1=0 ) in favor for the super grand master .GM\Ahmed lost only one game to the very talented Laila Rashed -member of Smouha Women Chess team and the daughter of the international player Mr.Nabil Rashed member of Smouha Men Chess team - in that game GM\Ahmed showed the ethics of a young gentleman and a real chess champion ;when he reached a lost position against Laila he refused gently her offer to draw the game but instead he encouraged her to continue playing to have self confidence and win which happened a few moves later .GM\Ahmed Adly then made a spectacular show when he played against 2 players -whom he chose from his opponents in the simultaneous (Laila Rashed and Yousef Ashraf)- simultaneously and blindfolded in a 15 minutes game ! The super GM showed his skills and impressively won the 2 games in a great style .
 GM\Ahmed Adly has previously visited SCCA and played a chess simultaneous and gave a lecture in the academy as in the following link :
For more photos :

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