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Friday, August 26, 2011

FM\Moheb Amir Deservedly Won Smouha Second Closed Chess International Tournament

Ex African and Arab Champion (U-16) FM\Moheb Amir (2158 Elo) -now U-18- won his last game in the tournament against Mr.Ehab Abdel Aziz (2177) with a great style to clinch the title with 7.5 points while the tournament leader Mr.Moustafa Raslan (2112) drew his game aginst Mr.Tarek Abdel Wahed (2108) to come second with 7 points and fifth with 6.5 points consecutively .
Mr.Nabil Rashed (2139) won his game against Mr.Ahmed Mohamed Saad (2081) to come fourth with 7 points .Mr\Nasser Mosallam (2064) won his game against Eng.Remon Fekry (2168) to come third with 7 points .
The winner of the first prize for unrated players was Dr.Fatehy Assem who played a great tournament and won his final game with the white pieces against Mr.Hossam Mosallam (2067) to score 6 points .
Abdel Rahman Yasser Allam (U-12) came second for unrated players with 5.5 points while Eng.Mohamed Sallam ,Mr.Kareim Anton and Gerorge Mourad came from 3rd to 5th places with 5 points .
Hana Elwazzan won the trophy of the Sprtsmanship trophy .
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