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Thursday, February 3, 2011


This investigative report was published on WCM\CLAUDIA MUÑOZ site :
"Our website does not only focus on chess news but also on any current events that shape our world. This last week Egypt entered into a historic facet of its history as protestors erupted in three major cities: Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. We decided to contact through FACEBOOK and TWITTER people who live within Egypt to ask them several questions concerning the crisis.

The official policy of our website is NOT to chose sides with the Anti or Pro Mubarak factions, we are simply reporting what everyday Egyptians are living, feeling, thinking and expressing.
Since the Internet in Egypt was turned off we could not assemble this interview earlier. We contacted Medhat Moheb through Facebook, he is a resident of Alexandria in order to ask his opinion on the crisis within his country. 

1. Can you explain to our readers what the protests are about in Egypt?

About the necessity of political reforms; achieving complete democracy ;and the amendment of some articles of the constitution taking anti corruption measures ; and also to dissolve the parliament and their main demand is to remove the current regime.

2. What do the protestors hope to accomplish with this protests?

The same answer to q.1

3. How are conditions inside of Egypt?

Significant economic losses, the absence of security.

4. Are schools, markets, banks open? Are people going to work?

Markets are only open for specific hours after the curfew .Most people do not go to work.

5. How did the protests in Egypt start?

It stared by the advocacy by young Egyptian youth via the internet (facebook and twitter ) who are members of some political youth movements such as: the 6th of April ,25th of January and was supported by some political parties ..

6. What would you like President Obama to handle this situation?

As a sincere patriot and a lover of the soil of my homeland ...I just can not accept any external interference.

7. Several countries are evacuating the citizens out of Egypt, is this necessary?

Many countries took measures to guarantee the safety of their citizens which I presume normal in such conditions.

8. What would you like for our readers to know about the Protestor's cause?

At the moment there are anti Mubarak protesters who demand the removal of the regime now and pro Mubarak protesters who demand that PresidentMubarak should complete his presidential term (which lasts for few months) and accept his decisions :the appointment of vice president ;and change of the government and that he will not run for another term and the necessity of the acceptance of judicial appeals (of the candidates of the last parliament elections) to quickly modify the constitution and also to respect his wish to supervise the process of peaceful transition of power in Egypt and finally respect his wish to live and die on the soil of Egypt.

God Bless and Protect Egypt and The Egyptian People.

My best regards
Medhat Moheb

9. Thank you for this interview and for your assistance

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