Chess For Peace ,Love And Tolerance.

الشطرنج من أجل السلام و الحب و التسامح


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Mankind Must Put An End To War, Or War Will Put An End To Mankind" The Legendary U.S President John Kennedy :Another Tribute To JFK ,RFK And MLK

يتعين على البشر وضع حد للحرب ، أو الحرب ستضع حداً للبشرية
Although Chess is a game of war it is featured by not a single drop of blood is shed ;on the contrary chess has many values that we crucially need in this turbulent world which is full of hatred , ill bigotry, division and violence ;In chess people learn to respect their minds and others too ;and also to respect their differences and be compassionate towards one another as we are all human beings ; in chess there are beautiful values such as:Peace ,love , tolerance and wisdom .
We need to accelerate the publicity of the game in the world and especially in the developing countries such as our beloved country :Egypt ....I hope my dream comes true soon....
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The song is "Hurt" by the late genius Johnny Cash

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