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Friday, March 26, 2010

Super GM\Bassem Samir visits SCCA (7\8\2009)

Silver and bronze medal winner in junior world championships GM\Bassem Samir Amin visited SCCA on 7\8\2009-accompanied by his nice family- and played against 35 opponents with a perfect score +35=0-0 after a long marathon as the match was very tense that the last game was decided by a blitz game in which the great Egyptian grandmaster faced an opponent (Mr.Kareem Anton) who blundered badly as he insisted to write down the moves in his score-sheet.
The link for all the photos of the event can be found on the following link:
I would like to thank Dr.Ahmed Elzayady for sending me a video for the blitz game.


  1. It was really an awesome day ,we enjoyed it so much,Thanks for that day. Actually, it was nice and a little bit different in Egypt to see such interest and enthusaism. Go on and good luck with your young champions

    Ahmed Elzayady

  2. Thank you Dr.Ahmed for your kind words and encouragement.
    My best regards